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Gold Cutlery


Gold cutlery is cutlery that is plated in gold. The gold may or may not be real, but on real gold cutlery, the gold is at least mostly real. Cutlery, of course, means eating utensils forks, spoons, and knives.



Some people have gold plated cutlery for special occasions, but it is pretty rare to see. You generally just see gold cutlery at very formal dinners. However, anyone has the opportunity to own gold cutlery if they are willing to pay enough for it.

Gold cutlery is pretty expensive, especially if you get silverware that is coated with a high-grade gold. But, on the other hand, you can find pretty reasonably priced gold plated cutlery if you are willing to accept something that is not quite so pure. Either way, you might wonder if people actually eat with gold cutlery. Well, that is a good question, and here is the answer.



While a lot of people buy gold cutlery sets just to put on display, there are those who actually use it to dine with. An example would be an official state dinner. At a very formal occasion such as this, a gold cutlery set may be used...but, on the same note, this type of cutlery is almost never used exclusively to eat with. It is usually for display purposes.

If you are looking to buy some gold plated cutlery for your silverware collection, then here are a few things to think about.  First of all, where are you going to buy it? Will you shop online, or in an actual store? With a gold cutlery set, it can be very hard to find anything you like in an actual store, unless you are willing to drive a great distance to a major city. Therefore, you might find your best options on the internet.

gold plated cutlery         gold plated cutlery

The internet can allow you to place orders, browse selections, compare prices, or even place a custom order on a set of gold cutlery. While getting your cutlery custom ordered might cost a lot more, you could get it, perhaps, engraved with a family crest, or something like that. After all, if you are going to spend that much on something, it might as well stay in the family, right?

gold cutlery          gold cutlery set

In truth, a gold cutlery set is not something that a lot of people ever own, but is something that is very special if you are given the chance to own it. People are a lot more into things like electronics now, but 40-50 years ago, a gold plated cutlery set would have been something to show for who you were. 

Having your friends over and serving them food with gold cutlery would have looked very good, whereas a lot of people in this day and age are perfectly content with a plastic spork!  But still, gold cutlery can be an awesome addition to your furnishings if it would mean something to you. At the end of the day, that is what it is about. If YOU want gold cutlery, then you should get it!

 gold cutlery         gold cutlery set